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an attempt at poetry

the quaTRAIN to her heart

Tis better to have loved and lost
Then to have never loved at all
But tis far greater to have loved
And never taken the fall

To climb Mount Olympus
And to cry out to the Gods
To bring down Goliath with one shot
Defeating all the odds

To conquer the heart
The organ of fire
To dream your dreams
And discern what you desire

Cast yourself into the sky
And there you shall suspend
Even when the heart stops beating
That is not the end

Nothing stops the soul from wandering
Everything, love transcends
Do not fear when love breaks
For when it does, it mends

Here now
I employ with you a suggestion
Leave behind your fear,
And all your apprehensive questions

Love is what makes life worth living
The rising every day
As long as you give love a chance
Love will find a way
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