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Random Shinji's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Random Shinji

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[25 Jan 2006|01:42am]

been awhile since anybody posted here. a couple of rough poems i wrote while in class.

dearest emily
she who has moved me so to write
have in you no compassion for me?
to let go and set me free
oh, those soft glances which seize my heart
and shatter my soul into inconceiveable parts
tokens of my affection i shant send to you,
and to these words, these action, i bid adieu
tis so hard to go; leave me be,
and erase all the scriptures of our history
i care too much that it burns inside
and these listless stars in which i confide
still rise, still fall, and even still, burn out
you demand of me more strength than i can surmount
i'm sorry...


if every night the Sun begs the Moon for anew
then that is precisely what i shall ask of you
and if one day should the Moon begin to cease
then my waves no more will crash towards your beach
but should one day you two loves eclipse
i promise to never burn out or lose my wits
the stars may one day betray the Night
in treacherous thoughts and in taking flight
fear not, for my heart have not the strength to be so weak
when found is my Siren which forever i will seek
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Pierrot's First Birthday [03 Apr 2004|01:19am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

It's long, and just this once to hell with an lj-cut. I do it every other time. This time I don't feel like it. Any and all critiques are much appreciated.

Pierrot's First Birthday
This day, Pierrot’s birthday, a celebration took place
And all the lands gathered around to watch him dance
For he was one year older, one year more beautiful
And none the wiser, save a day or two, here or there.
The gala was quite a feast for the eyes, the twisted in us all.
Pierrot gazed through the crowd, collected their focus
(these, our minds, trapped like as many butterflies in his jar)
and recanted his tale of one life, one love, both lost, one regained.
He pulled up on his wooden mask to reveal white paint beneath.
Staying in character, I assumed, for that is what Pierrot is and was
Above all else: a character.

“Imagine! If you will, my friends, my foes alike,
The story I weave will leave nary a dry eyelid, a broken tissue!
Reach for one now, I promise, you won’t find the time
When I’m through!”

He paused, glared, and snorted. A short rustling ensued.
We were prepared. Pierrot laughed, he cackled, “Purity!
Preparations are complete. So begins the tale of My Love!”
Now, I could tell you this tale, this woe, this… this
Loss of innocence, a story of pain that gripped his only glory
And tore her so premature and beautifully from his painted palm.
But I know only Pierrot could and should.
I digress.

After the completion of his only catch in a sea of lures
We found ourselves, as a group, sobbing, blubbering!
A sea of whales amidst the wheat!
“Now, now, dears.” Pierrot wiped at the corner of his lips,
Wiping away a tear or a crumb, we were never sure.
“It gets better, I supposed.” Sigh. “There is the tale of a lost life
(‘the adventure of such’ he added in wink)
And the gathering of love, of unbridled merriment!”
(Alas, another wink was here, to grasp the ladies by the teat).
“But first! What a cake. To dine!”

A tray wheeled out a magnificent feast, pure elegance
So formed, like a castle indwelt by the finest of sugary lust.
Candles placed around the sides numbered higher than a simple mind
Such as my own
Could count. We tried, and failed, to try again. And again.
“Please!” Pierrot said aloud. “To ruin my concentration
And rob me of my wish for the year
Would truly be a crime of the ages!”
Laugher seemed to rob Pierrot of his smile, so he lowered again his mask
Bent forward, with a mighty breath, we head his solitary wish,
His craving for a year, the one worth wasting a candle on.

“Bring me my love, finish my story.”
Releasing his breath, the flames disappeared in a row. Silently.
One woman giggled, then burst into applause. “Ah, but you missed!”
Her taunting laughter made the crowd bristle.
“Ah, my lady, I have missed nothing.” Pierrot spun the cake around,
Searching for the offending lamp.
“See? Nothing.” The lone candle caught the bottom of the mask,
And moist though the summer air was
Pierrot’s wooden façade was no match for such a force of God.
As quickly as it started, His fire was out, and Pierrot lie on the ground.
Staring towards to sky, he cursed the sun.
“Such a burning tome. Bring me back to her, will you,
With your brethren?” His one last breath, his one love.
Yet which did he lose and which reclaim?

Cross posted everywhere.

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Your Name Is Victor [17 Dec 2003|04:23pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Make yourself an avatar,
Another God, this race through.
The darkest competitor, a competitor for today!
This is you!
Rise above the competition;
Demolish their ranking.
One by one, by two, by three
They multiply, the losers, zero times anything
Is still zero.

And understand victory, because
Victory is you,
You are…


Harshest of harsh critiques, please. I don't get enough of those. Help me help myself. Cross posted all up in this hizzy.

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Untitled [11 Dec 2003|08:13pm]

[ mood | determined ]

The purest of heroin addictions,
Commercialism boiled down
An inserted IV
Draining into her system
Watching this force-fed holiday
That doesn’t know the tree is plastic,
The cheer broken,
The blood real.

A monitor’s caressing beep is
Her present, her presence.

Tangled in a feeding tube of
Colored lights, straining to know
If this holiday is in name alone
Or is it fighting for recovery,
An off-white Christmas
In a land of polished marble.


Cross to the posted. No title yet.

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Work It [07 Oct 2003|05:54pm]

[ mood | enraged ]

Grab the bulb
Squeeze and fill
Poke and prod
Cut here, cut there
Examine the corpse
Before full penetration.

Gyrate once,
Gyrate twice,
Half a gyration:
Just for good measure.

Splash the liquid
And season the bird.

Giving thanks.

As usual, I got my cross-post on continually.

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Taste This, Anonymous [30 Sep 2003|07:24pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Harsh, dammit! Give it to me all night long!

Speaking works
Through speaker words
Keys ring in my mind;
A whirlwind win
My heroin
She wishes I were blind;
So vocal tones
Would send us home
And bend my life-hard spine.

Cross-posted with slowly dying keystrokes.

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[19 May 2003|04:36pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Gothic Lunch Lady
Serves up trendy death daily
To Hot Topic teens

*Inspired by my school's new (you guessed it) lunch lady. PC title: Female human who wears large amounts of white and black makeup and administers pizza slices in exchange for $3.50. Or your soul.

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Untitled [06 May 2003|02:47am]

[ mood | indifferent ]

This needs a title. I don't know what to use yet. Work in progress.

There once was a girl
With eyes so silver you would mistake them for the moon.
On a cloudy night you could follow her home
Her trance so ensnared those who gazed.
An enormous soul jumping and dancing
Trying to break free from the shackles
Of the flesh.

There once was a girl
Who saw a friend where no one stood.
A girl twice her age
Thrice her height
And as evil as people can be.

There once was a girl
Who told her friend to be quiet
Ever so silently
When her friend jumped and danced
In the middle of class.
She was sent outside to think about it.
She thought she was being punished
For talking.

There once was a girl
Who saw a friend where no on stood.
A girl still older than her
Now only half her height
And as evil as people can be.

There once was a girl
Who told her friend to shut up
In a mild voice
When she jumped and danced
In the middle of lunch.
Her friends glared at her
Gathered their food
And left.
She thought she was being punished
For shouting.

There once was a girl
Who saw a friend where no one stood.
A girl her own age
Her own height
And as evil as people can be.

There once was a girl
Who screamed at her friend
Quite loudly
When she jumped and danced
In the middle of church.
The priest stared at her
And her mother ignored her for the rest of the day.
She thought she was being punished
For shouting.

There once was a girl
Who saw a friend where no one stood.
A girl half her age
A third her height
And as evil as people can be.

There once was a girl
Who swore at her friend
Telling her to fuck off
When she jumped and danced
In the middle of the office.
Her boss motioned to her
And asked her to be aware of others.
She thought she was being punished
For swearing.

There once was a girl
Who forgot how to jump and dance
When life called for it.
She thought she was being punished.

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Rules And Laws That Bind [11 Apr 2003|09:49pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Per your instructions
I have left this peach
In the fridge
To await your tender kiss.
Like a vampire you descend upon it.
Sucking his blood.
Gnawing his skin.
Devouring his soul.

Safeway provides your victims.
So let's go buy some lunch.

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I Am [11 Apr 2003|01:12am]

[ mood | busy ]

I am the Study Demon.
Don't take my advice.
I am the black black heart of those who know
The information
Tomorrow's Test.

Even with a knife you can never see my inner workings
Because they are in me
And I take pride in my unbroken skin.
It's a holy thing, really.
The unbroken skin.
Of a Study Demon.
Forcing you to think like me
Should you crave a healthy grade
Tomorrow's Test.

You should know by now
That I am
Based on a true story.


Thank you for feeding me.
My power grows stronger.
I wander away into the dark night
The sky matching my heart.
For am I filled with evil.

And yet you love me
Tomorrow's Test.

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Liason [11 Apr 2003|12:39am]

[ mood | determined ]

The girl sits at home
Watching his eyes
Wondering what he thinks
How he moves
Contemplating his every decision
Deciding them for him
Relieving his pain
Becoming is one
True love

The boy sits at home
And watches his eyes
Knowing what they think
And knows he is not worthy
Of love
And wonders "why does she
Look at me like this?
I have done nothing.
I am nothing."
But their lips meet

And all is quiet

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an attempt at poetry [10 Apr 2003|11:26pm]

[ mood | okay ]

the quaTRAIN to her heart

Tis better to have loved and lost
Then to have never loved at all
But tis far greater to have loved
And never taken the fall

To climb Mount Olympus
And to cry out to the Gods
To bring down Goliath with one shot
Defeating all the odds

To conquer the heart
The organ of fire
To dream your dreams
And discern what you desire

Cast yourself into the sky
And there you shall suspend
Even when the heart stops beating
That is not the end

Nothing stops the soul from wandering
Everything, love transcends
Do not fear when love breaks
For when it does, it mends

Here now
I employ with you a suggestion
Leave behind your fear,
And all your apprehensive questions

Love is what makes life worth living
The rising every day
As long as you give love a chance
Love will find a way

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Untitiled Poem [03 Apr 2003|12:38am]

Hates his vegetables
and when I babysit
I know
He would rather die
Than taste another potato
Despite their high protein
And useful carboyhydrates

But he is seven
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